Friday, March 12, 2010

This is Becoming a Styless Fashion Blog

One bandana, two ways:

As an underscarf. . . If the shark worries you, I would fold it in so it's not on display. I think it's about intention, and I love the bandana for the umbrellas, honestly! So cute. (:

As a bandana for in-house wear:

I know my at-home wear is really kinda blah, but that's the kind of clothing I like, and I doubt I'm the only one in existence. .. SOMEONE ought to like it, right? Anyway, I love sweatbands. I loooove whipping them out in the summer time when I'm wearing short sleeves at home. . . And my feet are ALWAYS COLD, so here are some cute slippers, hehe.
Be sure to change out of the Hello Kitty top before prayer. :B

Off to jummah prayers! Bye!


  1. Loving the hello kitttyyy!
    she iss sooo adorable!

  2. Hehe. Me too! Honestly, she's not my favorite Sanrio character, though. I have lots of different things with Keroppi and Cinnamaroll, because their items are more my style, colorwise. Hello Kitty is too pink! Plus, I think Cinnamaroll is the most adorable of the animals. (:

  3. Dude, I love your fashion sense! I would wear pretty much everything you post on here.