Monday, March 8, 2010


Sorry for being so dead, chicas! I've been so slammed. I've been working 30+ hours a week, on top of the equivalent of 18 credits in school (though four of those are just put in there to show you the workload: the Arabic class at my university is not for credit). I really do want to be active in this blog, and keep with the new theme I decided on, but I just don't have the time! Also, my camera is missing its memory card adapter, and my phone is no longer responding to chargers, but that's another issue entirely.

I'm going to post today about FASHION!

I absolutely love "boyfriend" style clothing. It's loose and long, perfect for a modest woman. And the best part is, boyfriend style clothing isn't frilly! I'm really into the tomboy chic style, and I get sick of wearing flowery lacy dresses over my pants, or a T-shirt with a long peasant skirt. It was fun for a while, but it's really not me. I can only handle so much frill before I want to rip my hair out.

I really wish I had some jeans, a blazer, a camp shirt, etc. . . I love the tomboyish clothing with a feminine edge. I do have a sweater right now, though, and I LOVE it!

My outfit today looks something like this:

(: I'm wearing the pashmina around my neck for a) warmth b) protection from the loose sweater falling off my shoulders, but if you're at the right stage, it could also work for a hijab! I'd suggest a navy underscarf, if that was your goal.

Haha, that was fun. But don't expect this to turn into a fashion blog, you hear?


  1. Love those jeans! And I know what you mean about the frilly stuff. I generally wear jilbabs and long skirts, but you couldn't pay me to wear the really heavily embroidered, shiny, lacy abayas. Nice and simple and boring for me, please! :)

  2. I do like patterns and stuff, but I like polka dots, stripes, checks, plaid. . . Polka dots are as girly as I like my patterns. Before I was Muslim, I basically lived in unisex T-shirts and jeans (which I still wear inside), so you can see how girly my style is. It's funny, 'cause I'm girly in just about every other way, I just don't like DRESSING girly. I also abhor pink.