Tuesday, March 9, 2010


From never posting to posting always.

I'm looking at photos from when I last went to Walt Disney World. . . We got hit by a tropical storm, but I was actually thankful for that: we got plain rain and wind instead of the typical Florida weather! I fear thunderstorms big time, so.

Besides the obvious fun, I was really interested in Islam at this time (it was about a month and a half before I finally converted), and there were quite a few Muslim families! I got excited every time I saw one, hehe! My parents thought I was such a weirdo, but I guess they understand what it was now, hahahaha.

I was also MUCH thinner than I am now. Like, twenty pounds? I'm going to try to lose weight again, insha Allah. Any tips for someone who lives on her own and eats ramen, and who eats pizza because of her horrible job? With a huge sweet tooth? Who am I kidding? I'm screwed, haha.

I want to post photos, but I'm wearing bermuda shorts or capris with short sleeves in every single photo. . . Soooo. That's a lot to edit out, ghetto-style.

Fairly covered? In transparent material? I really look hideous here, hahaha. The boy is my then 11, now 13 year old half-brother. (: The baby I keep posting about is his full-blooded sibling. I don't have any of those.


I hope no one minds me posting pictures of him here. I haven't even posted which state he lives in, haha. :D If it's an issue, I'll delete it. . .


  1. Aww memories eh?
    Dont worry inshallah if you try to stick to ya fruit and veg you it can do ya good. Also im trying cut down on the carbs..apparently it works lol.

  2. just eat 6 small meals a day. Don't forget breakfast.. portion is the key. ;) I pray that you loose what you want and are healthy.