Saturday, March 13, 2010

I'm Not Afraid to Show My Face!

A sister posted an interesting post about photos online. Nobody here knows my full name or where I specifically live (the city I list is the greater metropolitan area. . . the "Reno area" consists of two towns and various "census designated places." I have lived in two towns and one "census designated place," but I won't go blabbing my specific location in a big public setting. And interesting fact: I am in my fourth home in the area, and I've lived here for less than three years. Mmmm.)

I honestly don't fear people making me into porn or whatever. If they do, then they are being sick and creepy (what the hell, THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW ME), and that's their business. It is in no way my fault.

The only reason why you don't see a lot of my face on this blog is because I have recently puffed up like a campfire marshmallow, and I'm feeling very self-conscious.

SO, I'm going to post my photos from SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER. I wasn't as fat then.

My scarf got really loose after jumping around in a bouncy castle. If only I was joking.

I was very proud of this outfit. (: The skirt and top were both black and I wore a white undershirt, plus blue shoes which matched the bandana. Eeee.

You'll notice I am wearing hijab. I will be an "internet hijabi" until further notice. While I am not yet comfortable with hijab, I do plan to wear it someday, insha Allah. I definitely believe in it. :B


  1. As you know I support you ;) Love your pics, you're as cute as can be :)

  2. Bismillah wa mashaAllah.
    Mabrook on ur Reversion to Islam.
    May Allah help you along this new path in life and reward you many folds over for your eagerness to learn about the deen of islam.Ameen
    Allah humma salli ala Mohammed ameen.

    Im gona follow u and see how grow.. feel free to stop by and ask any questions.. u can email me .. Im a british revert to islam of nearly 8 yrs. im married to a mountain man from oman and we have a lil 6 month old boy mashaAllah.

    Allah be with you.
    Umm Ququ