Saturday, March 13, 2010

One Dress, Two Ways

I honestly don't change my outside wear into inside wear very often, and if I do. . . PJs. Sometimes, however, I just take off my undershirt and replace my pants with comfy leggings. It makes for comfy loungewear without looking too sloppy! I like looking nice sometimes, despite the fact only one person can ever see me at home, and she rarely does. Haha.

These leggings look cool. . . They're like leggings and a slip all in one! Awesome, right? I totally want a pair.

You'll notice I use Old Navy a lot in my sets. Why? Because they're awesome! Most of my undershirts are from there, plus my wide-legged pants and the occasional jacket or dress. Loooooove them!

1 comment:

  1. Sallam Allaykum Sister,
    I am a huge pj fan and Im always wearing them around the house ;). Old navy has great cute stuff plus its at a great price too. I love the striped shirt and the earrings are very cute too.
    I just found your blog and Im glad that I did ;) So keep those posts a coming lol.