Friday, March 12, 2010


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I've always been put off by the Israel/Palestine issue. I feel bad for those dying on both sides, and I find it hard to choose sides. I know as a Muslim, I should support Palestine, and I guess I do. . . But the way I see it, there IS no wrong or right in war. Both sides attack and are attacked. There is no such thing as an innocent side in a war.

I of course know why Muslims feel that Palestine is best, and Israel is being evil. I do. And I have spoken to non-Muslims WHO AGREE THAT WHAT ISRAEL DID WAS WRONG. I was actually talking about it to my (non-Muslim) room mate once, and she said, "Well, it's very messed up that they took the land because of some treaty agreement that the landowners weren't involved in, and then kicked everyone out of their rightful homes" or something like that. I was pretty baffled. I had never met a non-Muslim who didn't support zionism 100%, honestly.
And she wasn't even agreeing with me, either. She said that all on her own, after I stated that I didn't know what to make of the situation.

So yes. I think what happened was messed up. . . But I also think the propaganda featured on Palestinian TV (CHILDREN SHOWS, EVEN) is really messed up. And I'm really sick of Muslims using this as an excuse to hate Israelis and even Jews in other lands. What if everyone hated every American, because of our obsession with imposing our ideals on other people? What if everyone hated all white people with ancestors involved in colonization?

Jewish people are people of the book, and they are to be respected as such. I wish more Muslims could realize this.

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