Saturday, March 20, 2010

Survey I Stumbled Upon (:

Name: Maddie/Madison

Age: 19

Location: Northern Nevada, USA

Background: Ethnically? I don't know much about my heritage, but I know I have some English, Irish, Greek, Finnish, and I think Dutch. I'm typical American: big giant mutt.

Spouse (if so, name and background):

How long have you been married?

Kids? I wish.

Are you a revert? Yep!

Have you been to Hajj or Umrah? Not yet.

How many masaajid have you been to? Just the local one. . . I don't get out much.

Have you ever been involved with a masjid? I signed up for the youth council but never heard anything since. :/

Who are some of your favorite lectures by? Don't have any right now, but I'd love recommendations!

Who are some of your favorite recitors? See above (: My Arabic teacher had a beautiful recitation playing once before class. I forgot who did it. ):

Some of your favorite Islamic books? Recommendations, please?

Describe your most memorable Eid: The only Eid where I did anything was last Eid Ul-fitr. I ate and played in a blowup castle, like all eighteen year olds.

When did you first start fasting? Umm, the day after converting. It was Ramadan, so.

When did you start hijab? I haven't yet.

What's your usual outift like when you go out? Long shirt with baggy pants, shirt and long skirt, long dress with a jacket. It depends on my mood.

What do you like about blogging? I can't explain it, but I really just love reading blogs.

Describe your first feelings wearing hijab
Very self-conscious. I was also very paranoid that a family member would see me and explode.

How do you pin your hijab? I like the typical rectangular scarf, or the square with one tail behind the head and one tail at the shoulder. . . Like how they do it in southeast Asia, I think?

What was on the last prayer mat you made salah on? A masjid. If it's an important one I should know of, I feel dumb.

What's your ideal iftar?
I don't like dates, so I usually try to break my fast with something else sweet and chewy like skittles, and water. Then I eat whatever I have lying around for my meal.

What type of adhaan really gets to you? The Makkan one.

What's something that annoys you at Jummah: All the people who walk in late, or the women who put their hijab on while sitting in the prayer hall. Huh?

What was the last surah you read? (not recited in salah) The Calf. Behiiind. I'm trying to pronounce it in Arabic, so it's slow going.

Do you dry yourself after wudu? That depends on if I'm going to roll my sleeves back down immediately, whether it's cold or hot, etc.

Do you brush your teeth for fajr salah? Not generally, unless I'm fasting.

Whats the last Islamic thing you've been involved with? I don't know.

What was the last convention you went to? I haven't been yet. ):

Have you ever been part of an Islamic matrimonial site? Yes, and I found a guy there that sounds like my soul mate LOL, but I forgot which site it was and I don't know if he ever responded to my contact request. ):
Seriously, the dude was a revert from the bay area of Northern California. He's a year older than me and is majoring in linguistics with hopes of traveling and teaching English abroad. Sigh.

What color is the rug in the masjid you usually attend? Uhhh, greenish?

Is the masjid you usually attend separated? Sort of. We don't have a separate room, but we do sit/pray behind the men, in a little enclave.

Have you ever stood in a minbar? No.

Have you ever washed a dead body before? No.

What's the last thing you ate in the masjid? I forget.

Where's the strangest place you've seen a Muslim working? A non-halal pizza parlor. Although I didn't so much see it as I did live it. Do live it. I can't find another job yet, sadly. ): Hoping to.

Have you ever posted a flier in the masjid? No.

Rate your masjid's bathroom: It's. . . okay?

Have you ever used a bidet for istinja?: No, but that sounds so convenient! Actually, I want a fancy Japanese toilet.

What's the weirdest thing that happened to you in salah? I can't think of anything.

Isn't it annoying when the imam tells everyone to shut off their cell phones and someone's phone rings in the middle of salah? YES.

What's some of the best halal food you've had (from a non Muslim country)? . . . Pineapple and olive pizza from Round Table? I just had some today, hehe. There are no halal restaurants in my area.

What was it like when you found out skittles were haram? I was sad, then I looked on the counters a week or two later and found out that Mars had recently made a transition into gelatin-free Skittles. I was happpyyy. (: It was like I was missing the candy for my whole life, not for a week LOL. Some sizes still have gelatin, though I haven't seen a normal-size bag with gelatin in like a year. I think the only sizes at risk are the big bags at the gas stations and stuff. Even the mini-sizes sold for Halloween are vegetarian!

What's something haram that you think most people don't know? Talking. When. The. Imam. Is. PREACHING.

What's the craziest hijabi fashion you've seen? A cap-sleeve T-shirt and cargo capris. . . With a beanie. ):

What did you like about this survey?? Good way to spend your early morning?

Friday, March 19, 2010


Things I need to do:
an essay on a book I haven't even finished yet FML

Things I am doing:
also, Pokemon Soul Silver.

Old Navy Set!

Every single item on here was ripped from I looove that store! The dress is actually pretty long if you have a short figure, but they have petite sizes online. (: I think below-the-knee is awkward over pants, so if I bought this, I would definitely buy it so it fit a bit above the knee, hehe.

I went shopping there yesterday and bought a tunic that I can't find online and some jeans that were on clearance. All the wide-leg khakis were full price, and the cargos were full price at 35$. Sadness. I need some lightweight cargos. . . I have cargo shorts and capris, but I obviously can't wear those out anymore.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

One Dress, Two Ways

I honestly don't change my outside wear into inside wear very often, and if I do. . . PJs. Sometimes, however, I just take off my undershirt and replace my pants with comfy leggings. It makes for comfy loungewear without looking too sloppy! I like looking nice sometimes, despite the fact only one person can ever see me at home, and she rarely does. Haha.

These leggings look cool. . . They're like leggings and a slip all in one! Awesome, right? I totally want a pair.

You'll notice I use Old Navy a lot in my sets. Why? Because they're awesome! Most of my undershirts are from there, plus my wide-legged pants and the occasional jacket or dress. Loooooove them!

New Blog

Food Diary!!!

I'm way behind on the trend, heh heh. :D I can understand if no one reads this. I just think keeping something like this public will motivate me more, you know? Toodles.

Hilarious, mashaAllah!

I'm worried that if I keep posting so much, I'll soon run out of ideas!
Anyway, I LOVE this video:

I was laughing pretty early on, and as I saw the words "Witr Without You," the sound on my computer decided to die completely. Ironic, I suppose. I freaked out and watched it on my laptop. . . I might be a bit biased, but I think Witr Without You was the funniest ahahhahaa. :D

I'm Not Afraid to Show My Face!

A sister posted an interesting post about photos online. Nobody here knows my full name or where I specifically live (the city I list is the greater metropolitan area. . . the "Reno area" consists of two towns and various "census designated places." I have lived in two towns and one "census designated place," but I won't go blabbing my specific location in a big public setting. And interesting fact: I am in my fourth home in the area, and I've lived here for less than three years. Mmmm.)

I honestly don't fear people making me into porn or whatever. If they do, then they are being sick and creepy (what the hell, THEY DON'T EVEN KNOW ME), and that's their business. It is in no way my fault.

The only reason why you don't see a lot of my face on this blog is because I have recently puffed up like a campfire marshmallow, and I'm feeling very self-conscious.

SO, I'm going to post my photos from SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER. I wasn't as fat then.

My scarf got really loose after jumping around in a bouncy castle. If only I was joking.

I was very proud of this outfit. (: The skirt and top were both black and I wore a white undershirt, plus blue shoes which matched the bandana. Eeee.

You'll notice I am wearing hijab. I will be an "internet hijabi" until further notice. While I am not yet comfortable with hijab, I do plan to wear it someday, insha Allah. I definitely believe in it. :B