Saturday, October 31, 2009



I'm trying to be more observant, and I came across some PARENTS CAN'T TRACK ME cash, so I decided to go shopping! I bought. . .

- halal turkey sandwich meat
- a halal pepperoni pizza
- a halal whole chicken
- halal ground beef
- vegetarian (gelatin-free) yogurt
- vegetarian (rennet-free) sharp cheddar cheese

Among other things, of course! I'm just happy that I can be observant in food for now. Of course, I'll be stuck when my parents invite me for food, but whatever! And I'm going to eat what meat I have until it's gone before eating my new food, since it's very bad to waste food and all. :D And it's not like Food Bank will want my perishables!

I am a little grumpy because I live in a small town, so my halal source is this dirty little Indian market. I was hesitant to buy from there, because it was less than sanitary. . . The first time I came in, I was swarmed by flies and mosquitoes. . . But I took comfort in the fact everything I bought was still in its original packaging, so meh. And I know the owner gets the meat every week from the nearest good-sized town. But okay. . . The frustrating part:

When I first came in, I asked if there was any chicken breast. The worker at the time asked, "Boneless, skinless?" and I nodded. She said no. She then said she would tell the owner so he could get it on Friday. Okie dokie.

I came in yesterday and went up to the counter, and the woman recognized me. "Are you waiting for the meat?" I nodded. "He should be here in half an hour."

I didn't have time to sit around for a half hour, so I came back today. I saw there was indeed more food, but that meant they had goat now, and more of the turkey sandwich meat. So I asked the owner, "Do you have any chicken breast?"
"Boneless, skinless?"
"I was told you would get some yesterday. . ."
"It doesn't sell well because it's more expensive than the whole chicken and the legs, so I don't buy much of it. It's sold out." I found this suspicious, since it had been less than 24 hours since he came in with the new supply. . . But whatever. So I left and decided to come back, since "I'm too white to know what to do with a whole chicken" is probably a bad excuse in the eyes of God! Maybe if I come in consistently, they'd be more willing to cater to me. Maybe I can get my white meat chicken eventually, insha'Allah.

In the mean time, does anyone know what I should do with the chicken? I really haven't the faintest clue what to do with a whole chicken. I don't have a fryer or a rotisserie, so if you have any tips on oven baking or crock pot, I would appreciate it! :D


  1. I have the same problem.
    It's so difficult to find boneless and skinless chicken breast here and I have absolutely no idea what to do with a whole chicken.. :/

  2. You could always make a nice roast chicken. Put the chicken in a baking pan (one of those glass or aluminum ones), douse it with salt, pepper, and any other herbs and spices that you like, and stick it in the oven for a couple hours (basting it with the chicken juices every so often). It's really easy to make, and it's delicious. Make up some mashed potatoes and vegetables and you've got yourself a lovely dinner!