Sunday, October 11, 2009


I have been very marriage-minded lately, despite the fact I am only eighteen years old. Whenever I see a happy couple and their children, my face lights up in a huge smile. I try not to envy them, but it's difficult. There's nothing I want more than to have a spouse and children.

I feel like such an odd duck because I actually enjoy blogs that people post about their children. I can't help it - they're so cute!

So here I sit, a lonely single Muslim girl, with not even one proposal under my belt. Siiiigh. In good time, insha'Allah.

(Note: Picture is NOT MINE and used without permission. Found using a random search.)


  1. Man, it's like I'm reading my diary. :) I am also looking for potential spouses, although unfortunately it would not be possible for me to marry for at least three more years until I'm out of school and, again, financially independent. If my parents find out that I am not only Muslim but also secretly married, I'm pretty sure they would drop dead right then and there. I still have a lot more I want to learn about Islam before I commit myself to another huge, life-changing experience (marriage). All in good time, Insha'Allah.

  2. InshaAllah one day you'll find the man of your dreams and get married :)

    When I converted to Islam, "coming out" was definitely the hardest thing for me to do. I still haven't told my grandparents and some of my relatives..
    Make dua, ask Allah SWT for strength to help you tell your family and inshaAllah things will work out for you. I'll keep you in my prayers Sis!