Monday, November 30, 2009


I told my parents. More family to come. I'm being cut off and will probably have to live with my aunt, if I ever want to go to school again.

I'm really depressed.

But on the one and only plus side, I'm wearing a cute outfit with hijab and would look totally fabulous if I didn't spill salad on my skirt and ice cream on my scarf.


  1. We are all with you. I'm sure they will be okay. THey might need some time... Sending hugs and kisses your way, sister! xoxo

  2. Subhanallah. You were so brave to do this, Masha'Allah. I will keep you in my du'as Insha'Allah. If you want to talk/want over-the-internet love (wow, that didn't sound right), feel free to e-mail me at

    Fi amanillah.

  3. MashAllah Sister, inshallah this will make you a lot stronger. I guess your parents need some time to get over it, keep on making dua :)

    After hardship comes ease!

  4. Salam aleikom Maddie, that was brave and took a lot of strength. I will keep you in my duaas Allah ease your pain and reward you inshaAllah for your efforts.

  5. MashaAllah Maddie, I really admire your courage, I told my mum too, but she totally ignored the fact that I told her. Im a revert since April 08, alhumdulilah. I really am not ready to "come out of the closet", they are really racist lol and toootaaalllly agaisnt Muslims, oh no =(
    inshaAllah i have the strength of you too! The worst part is surely over, inshaAllah.

    Assalam 3laikum dear sister!